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Treating EFB Equipment
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I understand this is an old post (2019), but I would like to restart this forum on EFB therapy. It seems to me that EFB is not anymore a problem of weak hives. An article in the American Bee Journal issue October 2023 describes two methods of treating EFB, and in both cases antibiotics were necessary to control the disease. The author also confirmed that EFB is highly prevalent in her area, and that she suspects an increase in virulence of the organism (new strain?). I'm currently working with a beekeeper dealing with EFB in her apiary. It has been difficult to find a standard regimen for the use of tetracycline in a beehive with EFB. I have heard the use of one treatment with tetracycline hydrochloride to repeated treatments twice a year for several years. It would be nice to advise the beekeeper with science based data of the best methods to control this disease.

Dr. Pierre Lessard

No need for a bonfire yet.  EFB is easily treatable if your client follows the directions on the medications.  EFB is only secondary to a weaker hive.  Your client should be checking for mites, ensuring the hive has plenty of food, and his queen is still active.  Normal disinfectant of tools is always prudent (10% bleach soak hive tool with a very good rinse).

Dr. Laura Boggs
I have a client whos hives tested positive for EFB by the State here in Virginia.  What is recommended to treat the hive and equipment.  The client wishes to keep not burn if possible.  He tried the shake method, which did not work and has been written his VFD to get antibiotics. 

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